The MacPhail Center for Music is one of the nation’s oldest and largest
community-based music education non-profits.

MacPhail Mission: 
Transforming lives and communities through exceptional music learning.

MacPhail Vision: 
To provide students of all backgrounds and abilities access to exceptional music learning experiences through extraordinary faculty, innovative programs and integrated learning technology to create successful outcomes.

From its inception in 1907, MacPhail has grown to become a passionate organization at the forefront of music education and appreciation for the arts priding itself on being a community resource for music learning, events and community partnerships. Serving more than 14,500 students across the state with over 105 different community-partnership programs, MacPhail has been an influential leader in music therapy, Suzuki Talent Education, Early Childhood Music and community partnership programs.

Position - Graphic Design Intern: 
In-house designer responsible for designing event promotion, posters, flyers, campus signage, course catalogs, photography, photo editing, and most importantly - drumming in the staff band.